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Rainy Day

Macaroni and cheese and fish sticks…not exactly the lunch of champions, despite the fact that the macaroni and cheese was at least homemade. Rainy days do that to me.  I want comfort food.  I spent all morning cleaning, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, organizing, scrubbing and only made it to the first floor.  (I was a little behind.)  My munchkin spent the day with her Nana and Ben made his own lunch so when 1:00 came, I was starving and without anyone to worry about but myself.  It felt a little strange.

So, macaroni and cheese and fish sticks it was. I do a pretty good job taking care of myself when I’m taking care of others, but when faced with just myself, my resolution fails me and I go for comfort.

But, that’s ok. It’s just a rainy day.

Time to give myself a little grace and dig in for tomorrow.

Let’s just hope the sun shines.

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