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We’re The Miller Friends

When Will was three and Max was five we did a video Christmas card message, complete with a QR code on the front. The boys were so excited to sing/say Merry Christmas.  In that video, Will dubbed our family The Miller Friends. It was a silly little three-year-old thing to say, but it was adorable and it stuck. We are husband and wife, parents, children, brothers and sister, and family, but at the end of it all, we are friends that stick together and support one another.

The Miller Friends…


Homemade pizza and pulled pork enthusiast.  A sucker for salty over sweet.  Determined and passionate. Seeking to know God and be the best dad and husband that he can be.  Entertainer and provider. On a mission to spread hope.


A natural inventor. A reader, writer, song-maker-upper.  Possessor of a dangerously persistent sweet tooth. Believer that all things are possible.


A lover of all. Cautious. Hilarious. Expressive green eyes. Appreciative of all gifts.


Girly girl. Kind and loving. A reader, a dancer and a singer.


A teacher at heart. Lover of cooking, but would rather be baking. Just as likely to burst out in song about tying shoes as to analyze political cartoons.  Amazed by God’s grace and mercy.  Known by many names… Mama, Mommy, Mom, hey you, Mrs. Miller, Mo-om, Businda, Honey, to name a few.



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